There are many ways to apply artificial intelligence in content marketing, and my guest on this episode of Social Business Engine is an expert when it comes to the intersection of content marketing and the application of AI to it.

Paul Roetzer is the CEO of PR 20/20, the author of “The Marketing Performance Blueprint,” and the creator of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute. When asked why he launched MAII Paul says it was…’to translate the buzz around AI into real-world knowledge and actionable insights for marketers, so that it’s approachable and tactical.”


Those Who Embrace Content Marketing AI Now Will Be At An Advantage

Recent studies show that only 18% of companies have figured out how to use AI to the point that they’re scaling it in their operations. That means that no matter what area of marketing you work in, or what level of knowledge you have about AI, you are not behind the curve, there are still amazing opportunities on the horizon for marketers who are willing to learn and embrace artificial intelligence. Those marketing professionals, and the companies they work for, will have a distinct competitive advantage in days to come.

In our conversation Paul provides a number of helpful use-cases for AI at this stage in the game, demonstrating how it can be used to simplify workflows, offload repetitive tasks to save time and money, and even enhance the strategic parts of what we do as marketers.

The Two Main Reasons Marketers Should Be Using Artificial Intelligence

If you’re interested in using artificial intelligence to enhance your marketing efforts, where should you begin? Paul says there are two primary models you should consider to determine how to use AI in your content marketing.

The first model is surrounding problems that are time intensive or data intensive for easy wins when it comes to applying AI as a possible solution in your content marketing strategy.

The second model is what Paul refers to as a use-case model. AI is built to do narrowly defined tasks, so look at daily marketing activities such as reporting, editing and analytics, then discern the benefit you’d receive if those things were done automatically.

In both cases, look for ways you can drive efficiency or increase revenue by doing things better. AI is often best used to enable cost reduction or revenue generation.

How The Average Marketer Can Get Started With AI

If you’re eager to get artificial intelligence into your content marketing mix, you first need to look at repetitive, manual tasks in your marketing workflow. It doesn’t matter your area of specialty – make a list of use-cases, identify which ones could be intelligently automated, then start looking for a solution.

Next, look at ways you can get more out of your existing data. Most companies have tons of data from CRMs, Google Analytics, and more that sits on servers doing nothing. AI can help you utilize that data to gain greater insights, predict outcomes, determine smarter strategies, and more